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(please text or c
all (206)775-5007 for a consultation before booking an appt)
Nonrefundable $100 deposit will be required thru Venmo, CashApp or Zelle to book appointment.

We currently have two wonderful artists for our Permanent Makeup services. Feel free to check their work by clicking on the links below!


Thea Diep (Owner)

Master Esthetician,

Master Permanent Makeup Artist,

Plasma Fibroblast Licensed

Over 6 years of experience


**Services do not include touch ups. 

Microblading/ Ombre Shading                                                               

(first time brow clients ONLY)                                  $550

Combo Brows                                                              $660

Nano Feather Brows                                                $660

Cover old eyebrow tattoo                                     $660

Combo Brow Correction

(unlimited removal sessions + new brows)  $660

Lip Blush Pigment Tattoo                                       $660

Upper Eyeliner                                                            $400

Lower Eyeliner                                                            $300

Upper & Lower Eyeliner                                        $600

Eyelash Enhancement                                            $300

Book 2 services together and get $100 OFF the total price!


(Previous / Returning clients ONLY)

Brow / Lip  6 week Touch up                                           

(needed after 1st session)                                        $200

Brow 3-6 month Touch up                                   $165

Brow 7-12 month Touch up                                $220

Brow 13-18 month Touch up                             $250

Brow 18 -24 month Touch up                            $300

Brow 2+ years Touch up                                       $350

Lipblush 2 year Touch up                                      $275

Eyeliner 2 year Touch up                                      $200

The first portion of the appointment includes brow mapping according to client’s wishes and facial features. Color is chosen based on the client’s natural brow hair for the most natural healed results. Aftercare and paperwork will be discussed, and no permanent changes to the client’s face will be provided until the client approves of the shape and color. After the service is complete, refunds will not be permitted.

If you would like to book a consultation or have any questions, please email


The $100 deposit is non refundable, will be required to secure your appointment, sent thru Venmo, Cash app or Zelle. Please inform the artist if you need to change your appointment. Cancellations are accepted with no further charge if within 48 hours.

If you need to reschedule, you may call or text up to 7 days before the appointment.
Otherwise, you will be charged $100 for late cancellation. Not showing up to the appointment without contact will result in a charge of 100% of the service. Fee will need to be paid in full before booking another appointment.



Clients that are 15+ minutes late to their touch up appointment will be canceled without reschedule. No exceptions are made. All services have a set timeframe that needs to be followed. By being late, you risk the technicians not having enough time for other clients throughout the day. Please give yourself plenty of time to arrive.

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